We are Wildom Farm

We are a regenerative farm that prioritizes animal welfare, ecology, and human health. Simply put, we produce food that is good for the animals, the land, and you.

Pasture and Forest Based

We raise multi-species in a forest and pasture based system. Our cattle, sheep, and chickens graze our holistically managed pastures and our turkeys and pigs forage through our forests. Our animals are rotated to new areas consistently. This movement allows them to always access fresh forage and explore new territory, while also giving the soil an opportunity to rest, recover, and regenerate.

Shop Our Regenerative Meat

We offer pasture raised chicken, forest raised pork, 100% grassfed beef & lamb, heritage breed turkey and pasture raised eggs. Our products are available at our FARM STORE located near Deep Creek Lake, MD. We delivery monthly to Pittsburgh and we ship nation wide.

Lard-based Moisturizer

Made from the best fat, giving you the glowiest glow.

Farm Events

We host farm tours, farm yoga, farm dinners, butchery workshops and more!

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