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P O R K - forest raised, organic fed (no corn/no soy)
Ground $11/LB (1LB pack)
Ground & Organ blend $11/LB (1LB pack)
Chops Thick Cut $19/LB (avg.1-1.5LB / 1 per pack)
Chops Thin Cut $19/LB (avg. 1.5LB / 2 per pack)
Shoulder Roast bone-in $13/LB (avg. 2.5-4LB)
Shoulder Steak bone-in $13/LB (avg. 1LB)
Fresh Belly Sliced $15/LB (1LB packs)
Fresh Belly Roast $15/LB (avg. 2-4LB)
Loin Roast $15/LB (avg. 3-4LB)
Tenderloin $38/LB (avg. 1.5LB)
Spare Ribs $22/LB (avg. 1.5-2LB)
Fresh Ham Roast $11/LB (3-5LB)
Holiday Ham smoked/cured $15/LB (avg. 3LB)
Shanks $8/LB (avg. 2-3LB)
OFFAL $6/LB: Heart, Liver, Kidney, Tongue, Tail, Feet, Skin

LATHER face + body moisturizer made from our forest raised pig lard $22 available in NATURAL, LEMONGRASS, LAVENDER, LAVENDER EUCALYPTUS

C H I C K E N - pasture raised, organic fed (no corn/no soy)
Whole $7/LB (avg. 2.5-3.5LB)
Breasts bone in skin on $13/LB (2 per pack avg. .5LB)
Drumsticks $10/LB (4 per pack avg. 1LB)
Liver $7 (1LB pack)
Heart $7 (1LB pack)
Bones $7 (avg. 3LB)
Feet $5 (avg. 3LB)
Eggs $7 dozen

T U R K E Y - pasture raised, organic fed (no corn/no soy)
Whole $8/LB (avg. 13LB)
Drumsticks $11/LB (2 per pask)
Wings $15/LB (2 per pack)