about US

about US

We are a regenerative farm that prioritizes animal welfare, ecology and human health. Simply put, we produce food that is good for the animals, the land and you.

We raise chickens, pigs, turkeys, sheep and cattle. Our animals are either pasture raised or forest raised, depending on the species and time of year. In addition to what the animals naturally forage, they are given certified organic feed (no corn no soy). Our sheep and cows are 100% grassfed.

We are located in McHenry, Maryland near Deep Creek Lake. 

We offer pork, chicken, turkey (seasonal), eggs and a lard-based moisturizer. Everything is available for pickup on farm! You can also shop with us at the Lawrenceville Pittsburgh Farmers Market every Tuesday from 3-7 at Arsenal Park.

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about our PIGS

Our heritage breed pigs are raised in the woods. There they have a diverse mix of forage, plenty of shade, protection from the elements, and room to root. They are moved to a new area of the woods every 1-2 weeks, allowing them to access fresh forage and explore new territory, while also giving the soil an opportunity to rest and recover. The pigs are given whey, a by-product from a local cheese maker called Firefly Farms, as well as certified organic feed (no corn no soy). 


about our LAYERS

Our egg layer chickens are 100% free roaming. Sometimes you’ll find them on the pasture and other times you’ll find them in the woods. They especially like to hang out with the pigs. The hens are varied breeds and eat different forages, making the eggs unique. In your dozen you’ll find different shapes, sizes and colors.

They are given certified organic feed (no corn, no soy) on top of the bugs, plants, seeds and other oddities that they naturally forage.